Keysigning party: after the event challenges

André Ockers andre at
Sat Feb 9 09:06:43 CET 2019

Dear GnuPG users,

I went to the FOSDEM keysigning party [1] and now I'm in trouble.

The situation is:

- GNU/Linux Trisquel + Icedove (= Thunderbird rebranded) + Enigmail here
at home;

- 171 official keysigning party participants, of who 107 showed up to my

- 5 participants have a key on the keyserver in a for Enigmail
downloadable state;

- when I want to check [2] a fingerprint of a downloaded Key ID I get an
error message, for example

$ gpg --fingerprint <599C62A291810408>
bash: syntax error near unexpected symbol 'newline'

Please help! Thank you very much,

Best regards,

André Ockers



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