Speedo build of GnuPG v2.2.13 fails for me

Ajax aajaxx at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 21:08:50 CET 2019

This is with Debian Stretch (Debian 9.8) and Linux kernel

Speedo fails as follows:

ajax:~/src/gnupg/gnupg-2.2.13$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)/PLAY/inst/lib make -f
build-aux/speedo.mk  native
make -f /home/jam/src/gnupg/gnupg-2.2.13/build-aux/speedo.mk UPD_SWDB=1
TARGETOS=native WHAT=release WITH_GUI=0 all
make[1]: Entering directory '/home/jam/src/gnupg/gnupg-2.2.13'
gpgv: Signature made Mon 11 Feb 2019 10:41:15 AM UTC
gpgv:                using RSA key D8692123C4065DEA5E0F3AB5249B39D24F25E3B6
gpgv: Good signature from "Werner Koch (dist sig)"
GnuPG version in swdb.lst is less than this version!
  This version: 2.2.13
  SWDB version: 2.2.12
/home/ajax/src/gnupg/gnupg-2.2.13/build-aux/speedo.mk:279: *** Error
getting GnuPG software version database.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/ajax/src/gnupg/gnupg-2.2.13'
build-aux/speedo.mk:73: recipe for target 'native' failed
make: *** [native] Error 2

I notice the following:

ajax:~/src/gnupg/gnupg-2.2.13$ gpg --verify swdb.lst.sig swdb.lst
gpg: Signature made Mon 11 Feb 2019 10:41:15 AM UTC
gpg:                using RSA key D8692123C4065DEA5E0F3AB5249B39D24F25E3B6
gpg: Good signature from "Werner Koch (dist sig)"

jajax:~/src/gnupg/gnupg-2.2.13$ head -n 1 swdb.lst
gnupg22_ver 2.2.12

Is the above what is to be expected?

FWIW without speedo, I get the following and the build seems to be fine.

ajax:~/src/gnupg/gnupg-2.2.13$ ./configure | tail -n 30
config.status: creating po/Makefile

        GnuPG v2.2.13 has been configured as follows:

        Revision:  7922e2dd1  (31010)
        Platform:  GNU/Linux (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)

        OpenPGP:   yes
        S/MIME:    yes
        Agent:     yes
        Smartcard: yes (without internal CCID driver)
        G13:       no
        Dirmngr:   yes
        Gpgtar:    yes
        WKS tools: yes

        Protect tool:      (default)
        LDAP wrapper:      (default)
        Default agent:     (default)
        Default pinentry:  (default)
        Default scdaemon:  (default)
        Default dirmngr:   (default)

        Dirmngr auto start:  yes
        Readline support:    yes
        LDAP support:        yes
        TLS support:         ntbtls
        TOFU support:        yes
        Tor support:         yes

What should I do to make a speedo build work?

Thank you.
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