How to specify ca-cert-file as a path relative to ~? (was: It's more GNU/Linux than GnuPG)

amuza amuza at
Wed Feb 20 13:15:00 CET 2019

> Friedhelm Waitzmann:
>>> I have two GNU/Linux computers syncing their ~/.gnupg directories.
>>> "alice" is my username in one computer, "bob" is my username in the
>>> other one.
>>> I have a CA certificate stored in my home directory of both computers,
>>> and would like to keep it there.
>>> Into the ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf file, I wrote the following line pointing to
>>> that CA cert:
>>> 	keyserver-options ca-cert-file=~/keyserverCA.pem
>>> But that line does not seem to work because of "~".
>>> Everything works ok in one computer if I write:
>>> 	keyserver-options ca-cert-file=/home/alice/keyserverCA.pem
>>> and in the other computer if I write:
>>> 	keyserver-options ca-cert-file=/home/bob/keyserversCA.pem
>>> But then, by specifying names, when syncing, that line won't work in one
>>> of the two computers because of the usernames.
>>> Is there any way to specify "user" without writing their name?
>>> Any other suggestion?
>> Just guessing:  How about specifying the file as a path relative
>> to the .gnupg directory?
>> (1)
>>    keyserver-options ca-cert-file=../keyserversCA.pem
>> or
>> (2)
>>    In the .gnupg directory create a symbolic link pointing to ..:
>>    $ ln -s .. ~/.gnupg/homedir
>>    Then set ca-cert-file to homedir/keyserversCA.pem:
>>    keyserver-options ca-cert-file=homedir/keyserversCA.pem
> Hey Friedhelm, thanks a lot!
> Suggestion 2 worked!!
> Thank you Werner too.
Hi again,

I was wrong, suggestion 2 does not work either.

I have tried with

keyserver-options ca-cert-file=../keyserversCA.pem

keyserver-options ca-cert-file=symlink_to_home/keyserversCA.pem

keyserver-options ca-cert-file=$HOME/keyserverCA.pem

I also tried moving the certificate into ~/.gnupg/ and did:

keyserver-options ca-cert-file=keyserverCA.pem

keyserver-options ca-cert-file=./keyserverCA.pem

None of them works. Any other suggestion without writing the full path?

I would like it to work for both Alice and Bob, but would like to keep
the certificate into the home directory.

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