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> I think the article is five years old, has not aged well (e.g. MUA
> integration has improved), and that nothing better than PGP has come
> along in the meantime.
> Next. ;-)
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I have used gnupg for years and converted just a handful to encrypt
their emails - and it's beyond my comprehension why it is that normal
people do not encrypt their emails by default.

Over the years GUIs have come along and gpg4win - perhaps people are not
that concerned about GCHQ and the NSA reading all their emails - they
read everything else from all thier devices.

We know FaceBook Google etc.. hand over all data to the NSA and GCHQ and
their are rumours that SSL has been cracked - am sure it has as my
website and database were hacked and my host provider had 3 mail servers
hacked in a matter of 3 days - much to their shock.

I think for Windows users gpg4win attempts to provide a GUI that makes
installation easy - but only geeks use it :)

I try to promote user encryption on my website (it's down at this time)
but very very few people take their daily lives seriously.


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