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Stefan Claas sac at
Mon Jul 1 16:13:45 CEST 2019

David wrote:

> Your Thoughts :)

I agree with Professor Green. Maybe he and his students can
program a POC something more simple, preferably in Golang and
while using the NaCl* library.

I think also (sorry to say this Werner!) the problem is that
GnuPG is Linux cli based and not like MacPGP from Mr. Zimmermann,
back in the 90's was GUI based with much lesser commands and
easier to learn. There was back then no Enigmail or other
MUA plug-ins and you could simply copy and paste your messages.

A real "modern" GnuPG should be IMHO the same as PGP was GUI based
back then. The GUI could be also cross-platform QT based, for

I also don't understand why GnuPG needs so many components, like
pinentry, dirmngr and gpg-agent plus GnuPG itself, while MacPGP
from Mr Zimmermann was only one program.

*And regarding key formats, standards, RFC's etc. my new NaCl
(pronounced salt) pub key which I use now with friends for email
communication looks like this :-) :


As you can see no infos about me, like email, name etc. and the
communications are authenticated and no need for signing messages
and no WoT or key servers! :-) Should also fit nicely on a business


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