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Am Dienstag 02 Juli 2019 05:47:56 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:
> Remember that for about fifteen years GnuPG received basically nil for
> funding.

In the last 20 years there has been significant cross-funding through
contracts that the companies g10 code, KDAB, some other companies and 
Intevation (which I co-own) have been received from German government tenders
leading to contracts. g10 code used the part of the profit from these 
contracts to invest it in GnuPG, so did other companeis. The German Federal 
Agency of IT-Security (BSI) has been a major source of funding for GnuPG 
development by doing so, before it there was the German Ministry of Economics
and some other organisation over the years.

(This has all been published, for example see the "Contracts" section of )

This funding (from my perspective) was not sufficient to meet the challenges
posed by maintaining and build a crypto engine and applications around it. 
Each donation and volunteer payments was very helpful. (We've reported a 
couple of times how we did spend that money, e.g. for Gpg4win donations. 
Thanks again!)

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