keyserver-options: self-sigs-only, import-clean, import-minimal

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jul 3 16:55:04 CEST 2019

On Wed,  3 Jul 2019 15:42, peter at said:

> --keyserver-options self-sigs-only,import-minimal
> as I propose, why would it take longer than 0.2 s?

Indeed, we could change the code for import-minimal so that it first
does the same what self-sigs-only does.  Then it should be very similar.

The reason why I added self-sigs-only is to allow ignoring
key-signatures completely.  Regardless of any other cleaning options.
Sometimes it is useful to not clean things so that one can see hcnages
to preferences and such.

And well, self-sigs-only is a less intrusive change than changing
import-minimal.  If it breaks something it can easily be reverted by the
user - a change to the semantics of import-minimal can't be reverted by
the user.

"self-sigs-only" also better expresses what it does.  If you have a
better name, let us know.

> then the self-sigs-only behaviour can be folded into import-minimal,
> avoiding creating yet another option in an already crowded option space.

Removing the keyserver support would even result in more cleanup of that
space ;-)



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