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Sun Jul 7 14:31:32 CEST 2019

>> 1. GDPR, as any other bloated, convoluted, written in inhuman juridical
>> language law, mostly benefits two kinds of people: lawyers and
>> government-related officials. It incurs a lot of ado and expenses, gives
>> vast grounds for power abuse and so on and so forth.
> It also benefits third kind of people: new companies that specialize
> in GDPR busywork.
>> As a side effect, it somewhat helps ordinary people to control the usage
>> of their personal data. Since data lifespan on the Net is hardly
>> controllable in whole, the abuse potential of GDPR is limitless. Cheer
>> the politicians for this excellent masterpiece of legislation.
> 'Helps' is a big word.  Any company sufficiently evil to abuse your
> personal data will continue to do so, and ignore any requests to
> the contrary.

As any law or regulation, it has undeniable and numerous detrimental
side effects, which I fully acknowledge. But it establishes an
important principle, completely new to the Internet (and thus often
very irritating to those that are forced to change their MO):

*An individual has the right* to demand that his personally
identifiable information be removed from some specific public
information source, *even if*, at some previous time, in his
ignorance or naivete, he himself made that information publicly

The GDPR as a solution is neither perfect nor without warts, but
our agreement or disagreement with this principle - in my humble
observation - determines how harsh we judge its warts.


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