WKD documentation (Re: Testing WKD setup?)

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at zarl-zierl.at
Wed Jul 10 21:47:54 CEST 2019

Am Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2019, 19:34:41 CEST schrieb Werner Koch:
> On Tue,  9 Jul 2019 23:33, johannes at zarl-zierl.at said:
> > Now that I have done it once, I think the setup without
> > /usr/lib/gnupg/gpg-
> > wks-client isn't that complicated either:
> Please use gpg-wks-tool instead; it is much easier and less error prone.

...except it isn't installed by default. Will this be part of gpg-wks-client? 
But in the future when it is installed by default, I 100% agree with you.

Btw, and because we are on the topic of documentation: there is no mention of 
gpg-wks-tool anywhere in the WKD or WKDHosting pages.

Anyways: whether you promote gpg-wks-client or gpg-wks-tool (which, hopefully, 
won't be installed to libexec), it would still be beneficial to describe the 
actual file system layout.

> > b. Manually, using gpg: gpg --homedir "$(mktemp -d)" --locate-keys $KEYID
> With 2.2.17 use
>   gpg --locate-external-key -v foo at example.org
> Granted it imports the key but after all that is what you want.  That
> new command does not check the local keyring so it can be used to
> refresh from a WKD (or whatever has been configured in your AKL)

That seems nice - I will take note for the time this enters Debian...


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