Is limit-card-insert-tries a working option?

Tony Lane codeguro at
Wed May 29 20:26:14 CEST 2019

While I'm on it, I'd like to add here that GPG doesn't really use passwords like one may think.
GPG uses public key cryptography - it doesn't use passwords to protect your files; it uses passwords to protect the keys that decrypt or sign the files.
Beneath the covers, GPG actually generates an ephemeral symmetric key used for a cipher such as AES and it's this key that actually encrypts the payload and is also the key that's encrypted by a public key and is attached to the message as the pgp protocol. When encrypting to multiple recipients, multiple encrypted ephemeral keys are attached. The recipient who holds a private key just decrypts their copy of the pad with their key, and then decrypts the payload with that.

The more you know

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