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Mon Nov 4 03:12:14 CET 2019

On 03/11/2019 12:45, Andrew Gallagher wrote:
> Can one of the admins please unsubscribe or mute this recipient? It’s
> getting silly now. Thanks.
> Andrew Gallagher
>> On 3 Nov 2019, at 12:20, Informa D&B via Gnupg-users
>> <gnupg-users at> wrote:
>>  Exmos. Senhores,

The same thing is happening on the mozilla.general mail list at the
moment although with a company called 'TheFork'. It has also happened in
the past on mozilla.general with a wholesale cut flowers supplier called
Avas Flowers.

What happens is that the genuine email helpdesks of these genuine
companies somehow get subscribed the respective mail list. It isn't
clear how this subscription happens although it looks like prank-like
foul play (or a low level DoS) by third parties to me.

Back when this first happened on mozilla.general, I attempted to engage
with the Avas Flowers helpdesk staff but they seemed utterly confused. I
am pretty sure that they had not knowingly subscribed to
mozilla.general. In general, the helpdesk staff of these companies seem
confused as to what to do and don't seem to be able to unsubscribe
themselves. And, at least in the case of Avas Flowers on
mozilla.general, when they were finally unsubscribed they seem to be
unwillingly re-subscribed soon after.

(N.B. Mozilla.general isn't just accessible as a newsgroup; it's also
accessible as a mail list).

Mark Rousell

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