gpg-agent, pinentry and Emacs

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Nov 15 08:35:12 CET 2019

On Thu, 14 Nov 2019 19:54, Ralph Seichter said:

>   $ cat /tmp/pinentry-wrapper.log
>   INSIDE_EMACS is ''

Pinentry consideres that it is not run from Emacs and thus it does not
forward requests to Emacs but uses the standard pinentry (or should
return an error for pinentry-emacs).  INSIDE_EMACS support is in GnUPG
since 2.1.5 (4 years ago).  It seems that for whatever reasons Emacs
does not pass that envvar on.

> Looking at the local build settings, I believe so. Is there a way to
> figure this out with no room for doubt with pinentry version 1.1.0?

Not really.

>> Adding "debug-pinentry" to gpg-agent.conf may help a bit, though.
> I did that, but I cannot seem to locate the debug output. Where is it
> written?


log-file /somwhere/gpg-agent.log

into gpg-agent.conf.  It is best to also add "verbose".

  --log-file file
     Append all logging output to file.  This is very helpful in seeing
     what the agent actually does. Use ‘socket://’ to log to socket.

Witch the special file socket:// you can run watchgnupg in another tty
to immediately see the diagnostics.  Granted tail -f would do the same
but socket:// can be put into the conf files of all components and when

  watchgnupg --force --time-only $(gpgconf --list-dirs socketdir)/S.log

you will see all diagnostics from all components.



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