Future OpenPGP Support in Thunderbird

Phillip Susi phill at thesusis.net
Fri Oct 11 20:15:55 CEST 2019

Philipp Klaus Krause writes:

> While having OpenPGP support directly in Thunderbird is probably a good
> thing, I found it convenient to just use the gpg kerys for Email
> encryption and signing (and conversely, being able to just use keys
> imported via Enigmail to encrypt files using gpg).
> It would be really nice, if Thunderbird could add an option to use the
> gpg key storage instead of its own, but so far the developers want to
> always  keep the Thunderbird key storage separately (thoug they are
> considering functionality to import keys from gpg to Thunderbird):

Why the heck don't they just run gpg the way enigmail did?

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