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> See also dkg's thoughts on the matter on the openpgp-wg mailing list, to align
> the specification with reality:

OpenPGP has never defined what goes into the User ID except for the
encoding which should be UTF-8.  Anything else does not belong into the
specs unless the X.509 mess is a desired outcome.  Thus the current
wording is sufficient and has served us well over the last 25 years [1]:

| ## User ID Packet (Tag 13)
| A User ID packet consists of UTF-8 text that is intended to represent
| the name and email address of the key holder.  By convention, it
| includes an RFC 2822 [](#RFC2822) mail name-addr, but there are no
| restrictions on its content.  The packet length in the header specifies
| the length of the User ID.



[1] RFC-1991 is oldest spec I have instantly available; it describes the
1991 data format of PGP2, it differes from OpenPGP only by using ASCII
for the encoding:

|6.7 User ID Packet
|   Purpose.  A user ID packet identifies a user and is associated with a
|   public or private key.
|   Definition.  A user ID packet is the concatenation of the following
|   fields:
|      (a) packet structure field (2 bytes);
|      (b) User ID string.
|   The User ID string may be any string of printable ASCII characters.
|   However, since the purpose of this packet is to uniquely identify an
|   individual, the usual practice is for the User ID string to consist
|   of the user's name followed by an e-mail address for that user, the
|   latter enclosed in angle brackets.

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