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> convention or otherwise.  The spec is factually wrong and misleading for
> implementors in this aspect, and should be updated to reflect reality.

The specs are not wrong if you would read them:

| the name and email address of the key holder.  *By convention*, it
| includes an RFC 2822 [](#RFC2822) mail name-addr, but there are no

 Convention \Con*ven"tion\, n. [L. conventio: cf. F. convention.

     5. An agreement or contract less formal than, or preliminary
        to, a treaty; an informal compact, as between commanders
        of armies in respect to suspension of hostilities, or
        between states; also, a formal agreement between
        governments or sovereign powers; as, a postal convention
        between two governments.
        [1913 Webster]

In German "Sitte" oder "Brauch".  In contrast:

 specification \spec`i*fi*ca"tion\

     4. A detailed listing or description of the required
        properties of some object proposed to be built or bought;
        -- usually used in the plural; as, the building
        specifications require that it withstand an earthquake of
        magnitude 8; the program specifications require an option
        to change the menus.

Instead of finalizing RFC4880bis, which has all its goals already
implemented, some members of the WG kept on raising new items for what
the WG has never been chartered.  The outcome of all that mess is that
implementers will simply ignore the fact that there won't be an RFC and
implement the current I-D.



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