unknown modified files in GNUPGHOME

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Sun Sep 29 10:27:20 CEST 2019


While doing a backup of my $HOME it turned out (what I never saw
before), that some file were changed in GNUPGHOME:

-rw-------  1 guru  wheel    157316 21 sept. 10:07 .gnupg-ccid/pubring.kbx
-rw-------  1 guru  wheel    155467 21 sept. 10:07 .gnupg-ccid/pubring.kbx~
drwx------  2 guru  wheel      1024 21 sept. 10:08 .gnupg-ccid/crls.d/
-rw-------  1 guru  wheel      3997 21 sept. 10:08 .gnupg-ccid/crls.d/DIR.txt
-rw-------  1 guru  wheel  17715895 21 sept. 10:08 .gnupg-ccid/crls.d/crl-CDECFDC58640B7262B39CCB59B61E8EEFF2ED4D0.db

All more or less at the same moment. Any ideas what could have caused


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