In case you use OpenPGP on a smartphone ...

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Tue Aug 11 09:15:33 CEST 2020

El día Montag, August 10, 2020 a las 09:07:51 +0200, Stefan Claas escribió:

> > One can use a Linux mobile phone running (as I and all my family do)
> > or the upcoming L5 (as I pre-ordered in October 2017).
> Yes, people gave me already (not from here of course) good advise for other OSs
> which one can use. The question is how long will those OSs been unaffected ...

The kernel and all apps are OpenSource i.e. people can (and do) read the
sources. It's impossible to build in backdoors. The attack could come
through the firmware in the chips (which are not OpenSource). For this
the L5 (and the laptops they make also) have 3 hardware keys to
poweroff WiFi, Cellular, Microphone/Cameras (all 3 will turn off GPS).

The authorities can not track you. See:


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