In case you use OpenPGP on a smartphone ...

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Tue Aug 11 20:32:30 CEST 2020

It matters little whether these statements were made by Snowden. Whether a particular piece of software exists or not, and whether it is owned by the Russians or the Israelis or the Americans, is beside the point. In principle, it can exist and similar pieces of software have existed in the past, so we can safely assume that something like it will always exist in some form or another.

If someone roots your phone, or your laptop, it is Game Over. It does not matter if you are using Signal, or WhatsApp, or PGP. If the Bad Guys have rooted your phone you are helpless against them. The solution is not to let them root your phone in the first place (i.e. update regularly and don’t click on anything unsolicited), and don’t use your phone for anything that would endanger your life if you were rooted.

Andrew Gallagher

> On 11 Aug 2020, at 17:18, Stefan Claas <sac at> wrote:
> Please ask native U.S. citizens if this is a video with a faked voice from Mr. Snowden, not me.

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