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Stefan Claas sac at
Fri Aug 14 18:43:03 CEST 2020

Michael Meyer via Gnupg-users wrote:
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> Hi everyone,
> I like to use unique icons for the items I save in my password manager, 
> so that I can distinguish between them more easily at a glance.  In 
> pursuit of this goal, I sometimes end up putting together my own images 
> for sites or services which don't have an existing logo readily 
> available online.
> I had a tough time finding a suitable image for the gnupg-users mailing 
> list that was distinct from the logo for the gnupg project as a whole, 
> so I ended up slapping something together in GIMP for my own use. I'm 
> not going to make any promises about it being a stunning work of art or 
> anything, but I figured I would share it here just in case anyone else 
> might find it useful for some reason or other.
> Here it is:

Cool, looking nice! I would however write GnuPG instead of Gnupg.


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