In case you use OpenPGP on a smartphone ...

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On 8/15/2020 at 1:02 PM, "Stefan Claas" <sac at> wrote:

>Ok, worked! :-) SHA256 hashes matched from both devices.
Great to hear!

>Only thing I have to do is purchasing an sd memory card, because 
>the regular memory is to low.
If you can afford it, there are 1 TB microsd cards available:

I have the 1tb sandisk microsd for the phone (my smartphone is a sony xperia z2 premium. I'm in love with the camera and optics, and watch all my videos and amazon prime on the phone). Point is, official specs says it only accommodates a 250 gb microsd. This is not true.  Even older galaxy androids that officially say accommodates a 64 gb card, also accommodated a sandisk 400 gb card.  As long as there is a microsd slot, it accommodates any size.


The vast majority of 1 TB cards, are COUNTERFEIT, and don't ho;d more than a nominal minimal amount!
Even the Kingston ones, unless you get them from Kingston itself, are very convincingly appearing fakes.

I have been using sandisk since 64gb, then 128, then 400, and now 1 tb. and all of them worked, and got them all on Amazon.

If you know from people who actually used them, of other brands on Amazon that are trustworthy, maybe you can get a good card for less.

Even If you don't need more than 64gb, I would still recommend a Sandisk newer 64gb card, because of the much faster transfer rates.


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