Revoking a Lost Key

Mark azbigdogs at
Thu Feb 6 16:41:50 CET 2020

These were keys created in the 90s on probably 3 computers ago. I looked
through some old CDs that I had laying around but they didn't have the
saved keys. I don't use these keys anymore and having in over a decade.
In fact the email address and even the entire ISP are long gone now.  I
was just thinking if I could revoke them I would but it doesn't look
like that is possible.

On 2/5/2020 4:38 PM, Ralph Seichter via Gnupg-users wrote:
> * Mark:
>> Is there anyway to revoke an OLD LOST PGP key? I no longer have either
>> the public or private keys but can find the KeyID.
> As you guessed, it is not possible, because you require the private key
> in order to create a revocation. That's why it is recommended to create
> revocations (and storing them safely and separately) right after
> creating new keys, just for the case you describe, i.e. not having
> access to the original key material later on.
> -Ralph
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