Standalone signature (0x02) ?

Denis BEURIVE denis.beurive at
Fri Jun 5 14:14:53 CEST 2020


I am studying the RFC 4880 and I am using GPG as a tool to experiment.

I explored PGP signatures. You can find notes here :

I pretty much explore all types of signatures, except one : *Standalone
signature (sigclass = 0x02*).

In the RFC, you can read :
This signature is a signature of only its own subpacket contents. It is
calculated identically to a signature over a zero-length binary document.
Note that it doesn't make sense to have a V3 standalone signature.

This description remains mysterious. I looked for this signature in various
PGP documents but could not spot one.

*Is it possible to generate this kind of signature with GPG ?*

*What is this signature used for ?*

My intuition tells me that it may be used in association with hashed
subpackets. However, I cannot find any document to confirm this intuition.

Thanks for your help,

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