decrypt aes256 encrypted file without gpg-agent

Peter Lebbing peter at
Mon Jun 29 20:03:54 CEST 2020

On 29/06/2020 18:38, Fourhundred Thecat wrote:
> I don't have gpg-agent installed, on this particular server, where I
> need to decrypt one file.

You could try installing sequioa-pgp[1], an alternative but also libre
OpenPGP implementation (still in its infancy). It requires a Rust build
environment to compile.

Or just bite the bullet and install gpg-agent. If you also need
unattended decryption, there are ways to programmatically pass the
passphrase to it. Although many people make security theater of their
unattended decryption methods, it requires thought to design unattended
decryption that isn't trivial to bypass once the attacker has read
access to storage, or perhaps some other form of access that is
definitely within scope of your threat model.




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