Comparison of RSA vs elliptical keys

Stefan Claas sac at
Fri May 15 00:41:00 CEST 2020

Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> > With all due respect, do you think when Hagrid and even good old SKS
> > key servers supports this feature that people would not applaud you
> > if you would consider including it in GnuPG too and reflecting it
> > in the respective RFC?
> Speaking for myself, I have "rfc4880" in my gpg.conf for damned good
> reasons.
> I *do not* want GnuPG to generate UID-less certificates in strict
> compliance mode, I *do not* want GnuPG to use them in strict
> compliance mode.
> I have no opinion on "--allow-broken-certificates" and only allowing
> them to be generated in expert mode after a clear warning about it
> being noncompliant.

When you work in compliance mode it should be IHMO possible that people
wishing to communicate with you (from foreign countries) and may have a
different opinion about privacy, GnuPG should accept such public keys,
without using extra parameters and that you can easily add them to your
key ring, with a simple label, thus not revealing the identity of them,
in case your computer or smartphone gets later compromised or is
searched at an airport etc.


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