keys require a user-id

Stefan Claas sac at
Fri May 15 19:07:40 CEST 2020

Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> > We now have the situation that either parents or teachers, etc. can 
> > choose between a software which allows UID-less public key 
> > generation, for their minors / students, themselves...
> They are free to use whatever identifier they like for a UID, even
> just the key ID.  A UID-free certificate is in no way required for
> user privacy.
> You're being dishonest.  I hate to say that, but I believe it's true.
> You insist on pretending that you're the only one concerned about
> privacy and that UID-free certificates are necessary for privacy of
> personally identifying information.  The reality is the UID system in
> no way requires personally identifying information and everyone you're
> accusing of not caring about privacy cares a great deal about it.
> You're being dishonest.  Please stop.

Mind you, I have only asked that GnuPG should support the import and
processing of UID-less public key blocks and did not requested that
this should be a default behaviour in the key generation process.

It is also interesting when you folks seem to run out of arguments
that you try to get personal, but I don't mind and stop, as per
request! :-)

> > or a software which does not accept this and has no guidelines for 
> > free-form UIDs in their FAQ / man page, nor an equal treatment in
> > the standard key generation process.
> If you want the documentation to reflect PII-free UIDs, please say
> that. This could be a useful discussion.  If the community believes
> PII-free UIDs should be in the FAQ I will happily write up an entry
> for it.

Please discuss it with the community and try to add it later to the
documentation as equally treated, in the key generation process.


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