keys require a user-id

Stefan Claas sac at
Fri May 22 09:19:02 CEST 2020

Mark wrote:
> Thanks I may take a look at it and just see what it does. I'm still
> VERY much a novice in regards to all this so just trying to learn
> more. My "experiment" with Kleopatra was just to see if I could since
> it said "optional" for the name part. 
> Sorry, not sure who dkg is but have seen those initials mentioned a
> few times.


dkg stands for Daniel Kahn Gillmor. He is a highly respected member
in the GnuPG/OpenPGP scene and maintains GnuPG for the Linux Debian

He is also author of the Abuse-Resistant OpenPGP Keystores Internet
Draft and also author of the Stateless OpenPGP command line interface

If you do a Google look-up for him you can learn more about him.


Signal (Desktop) +4915172173279

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