gpgsplit/pgpdump replacement

Stefan Claas sac at
Thu May 28 11:27:00 CEST 2020

halfdog wrote:
> Hello Stefan,
> Thanks for your helpful reply!

Hi halfdog,

you're welcome!

> As you seem to know about both gnupg and Sequoia, may I ask your
> opinion if it is possible to implement following use case with
> one of both?

I only started to use sequoia pgp as a replacement for GnuPG recently,
due to performance issues on my old offline Notebook and wanted to
mention that the packet split functionality is there included too.


> The old procedure therefore was:
> 1) Use pgpsplit remotely to split the first KB of each encrypted
> file to get the encryption header packet.
> 2) Transfer all those packets over the slow link.
> 3) Perform some packet check with pgpdump and then extract the
> session keys from all those packets locally.
> 4) Send back a text file with all session keys.
> 5) Slowly decrypt/decompress/process all files remotely using
> the session keys.
> 6) Destroy the session keys on the remote tmpfs by overwriting
> the memory pages.

I would say if you use sequoia pgp as a replacement for pgpsplit it
should work the same.

At least it's worth a try, in case you find no alternative and chances
would be low that in the future such split functionality would not be
included in future versions of GnuPG.


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