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> Not sure why you don't see this, but let's say you or I would run a popular
> crypto etc. blog on a web page and people would be allowed to reply
> encrypted and you only provide a postal address ( address) instead
> of a spamable email address, I and probably the majority of readers would
> not need an email address in your UID and they would most likely trust
> your certified pub key more, like I would, compared to a pub key which
> bears no CA signature. There are more examples, but I think my point
> should be clear why people should have the option to get a CA certified
> public key without an email address, so that they can use the pub key
> as a multipurpose key, not bound to an email address, which can always
> change.

Ok. as PoC I created such a key and used NIST guidelines to create the
pbkdf2 hash and also saved as reference the parameters used, in case
I had to send the pub key to another CA. Since Governikus needs an
email address for returning the certified pub key, I used a 'noreply'
disposal email address which (hopefully) everybody can use too.

Additionally I can create a secp256k1 sub key so that I can also
do Bitcoin transactions with my multi purpose key. :-)

I am attaching the key to this message.

The good thing now is in case I had to sign a message here on the ML
I can use this key with this spam address and not get spam with my
new real email address. :-)

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