Ban HTML mails? Really?(was: Re: Thunderbird / Enigmail / Autocrypt)

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Tue Nov 24 06:31:46 CET 2020

El día martes, noviembre 24, 2020 a las 12:16:12a. m. +0000, Philihp Busby via Gnupg-users escribió:

> As a personal policy, I do not respond to emails if they are only in HTML. It provides an excellent signal on when an email is actually worth the distraction. Even password-reset/verify-your-email emails will have text-only components. Mailchimp marketing emails, on the other hand, often skip over the plaintext version (text-only emails don't convert in their metrics, i imagine the images don't load and they don't know you read it).
> This battle has only been lost when you give up.

There are some other two battles to win: Don't top post and, second,
break your text lines around coulmn 72 :-)

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