On Becky! Internet Mail's GnuPG Plugin

Stefan Claas sac at 300baud.de
Sat Oct 3 16:39:20 CEST 2020

Dieter Frye wrote:

> Currently I use another free, anonymous e-mail service called TorBox which
> does have SMTP/POP3 support for everyday communications, though that's
> only viable for people operating within the TOR network as it's got no
> clearweb support unlike secmail itself, which at the end of the day is
> kind of a useless thing anyways given it's blacklisted status (and that
> completely without justification) among most every big and small e-mail
> provider out there.

One more question, if you don't mind.

Is this the proper URL for Torbox?


If yes, is the operator aware that there are at least three more clear net
Torbox services running, each under a different TLD?


Because I have never seen .onion service operators doing this.


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