On Becky! Internet Mail's GnuPG Plugin

Stefan Claas sac at 300baud.de
Mon Sep 7 16:37:22 CEST 2020

Dieter Frye wrote:
> > Hi,
> > curious as I am, If I understand it right, you use Windows XP
> > with Becky as MUA for GnuPG or would like to use it with the
> > lastest version of GnuPG?
> Howdy.
> So yes, I'm using Becky! as a MUA + an outdated GnuPG plugin on Windows
> XP, but functionality is somewhat crippled for anything other than GnuPG
> v1.4.
> > Your posting is done via secmail.pro, a Tor email provider,
> > which requires AFAIK Tor Browser Bundle to access the service.
> > My question, if you don't mind, does the lastest Tor Browser
> > Bundle still supports Windows XP and how do you use Becky
> > with secmail.pro?
> Nope, they dropped support for XP (specifically the browser part) a while
> ago, which thing never really affected me since I use a third party
> browser which I interface with the "expert bundle" exe that they continue
> to distribute. Of course, that's an gross oversimplification of what's
> actually going on this computer, but you catch my drift.
> As far as secmail.pro is concerned, it's not possible to use it with
> Becky! because there's no server-side support for SMTP, POP3 or IMAP, so
> I'm writing directly from semail's web interface.

Ah, ok, thanks for the information!

> Unfortunately since practically every single internet service in existence
> (be it mail, fora or otherwise) has been in bed with the worldwide private
> data collection operation going on right now (lookup PRISM and the
> ShadowGate documentary) it's no longer possible (and so it's been for
> nearly a decade now) to anonymously register any type of account anywhere,
> meaning I'm technically shunned from the Internet and it's nothing short
> of a miracle that I'm able to post here at all. I'm actually shocked this
> place hasn't been hijacked by vpn-hating cloudflare and the google captcha
> nazis because that's true everywhere else.

Yes, it is not easy nowadays. Besides cryptography anonymous communication
is also a hobby of mine, since the early cypherpunk days and I always look
for new ways to archive that. I did recently some experiments with some well
known wannabe anonymous email services and how to register with them anonymously,
so that their security checks can be bypassed. Currently I focus on anonymous
communications in combination with offline devices, to protect better against
Pegasus, FinFisher and other crap.

> Currently I use another free, anonymous e-mail service called TorBox which
> does have SMTP/POP3 support for everyday communications, though that's
> only viable for people operating within the TOR network as it's got no
> clearweb support unlike secmail itself, which at the end of the day is
> kind of a useless thing anyways given it's blacklisted status (and that
> completely without justification) among most every big and small e-mail
> provider out there.

Yes, blacklisting small providers is not nice, but at least users can
purchase a cheap VPS server and run their own mail server, which adds
decentralization to the email world.


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