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A.  Yes, you can still anonymously register for almost anything.  It's not straightforward and requires a bit of forethought and jumping through hoops.  No, it probably won't defeat the NSA, but if they're your adversary what in blue blazes are you doing using any kind of electronic device let alone posting here.  

B. The Shadowgate documentary isn’t.  This is Coo-Coo for CocoaPuffs territory.  If you want to believe that stuff that's cool, just thought I'd make sure to stick the tinfoil tag on this one since you speak of it like it's a legit thing.  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/08/18/fact-check-shadowgate-spreads-misinformation-major-events/5601742002/

C.  Replying to person you were replying to -- how pants on head stupid does one have to be to use Tor browser (or any type of security critical software) on XP?  If you think that's a good idea then you shouldn't be using Tor.  Either you don't need Tor and using Tor is silly for you, or you do need Tor and you're going to hurt yourself bad by having not the slightest clue how to use Tor safely.   

D: If you really need secure anonymous email, fire up TAILS on a bootable DVD, sign up for a free Protonmail account over Tor, use a burner prepaid phone number to authenticate to Protonmail (Protonmail correctly gets worried about Tor signups), access Protonmail only over Tor (they have a hidden service).  If that's not good enough to circumvent your adversaries, again, you should probably just move up into the remote Alaskan wilderness and live off wild animals and shrubbery for the rest of your life and hope the bad men never find you.  

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> Hi,

> curious as I am, If I understand it right, you use Windows XP with 
> Becky as MUA for GnuPG or would like to use it with the lastest 
> version of GnuPG?


So yes, I'm using Becky! as a MUA + an outdated GnuPG plugin on Windows XP, but functionality is somewhat crippled for anything other than GnuPG v1.4.

> Your posting is done via secmail.pro, a Tor email provider, which 
> requires AFAIK Tor Browser Bundle to access the service.

> My question, if you don't mind, does the lastest Tor Browser Bundle 
> still supports Windows XP and how do you use Becky with secmail.pro?

Nope, they dropped support for XP (specifically the browser part) a while ago, which thing never really affected me since I use a third party browser which I interface with the "expert bundle" exe that they continue to distribute. Of course, that's an gross oversimplification of what's actually going on this computer, but you catch my drift.

As far as secmail.pro is concerned, it's not possible to use it with Becky! because there's no server-side support for SMTP, POP3 or IMAP, so I'm writing directly from semail's web interface.

Unfortunately since practically every single internet service in existence (be it mail, fora or otherwise) has been in bed with the worldwide private data collection operation going on right now (lookup PRISM and the ShadowGate documentary) it's no longer possible (and so it's been for nearly a decade now) to anonymously register any type of account anywhere, meaning I'm technically shunned from the Internet and it's nothing short of a miracle that I'm able to post here at all. I'm actually shocked this place hasn't been hijacked by vpn-hating cloudflare and the google captcha nazis because that's true everywhere else.

Currently I use another free, anonymous e-mail service called TorBox which does have SMTP/POP3 support for everyday communications, though that's only viable for people operating within the TOR network as it's got no clearweb support unlike secmail itself, which at the end of the day is kind of a useless thing anyways given it's blacklisted status (and that completely without justification) among most every big and small e-mail provider out there.

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