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Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Tue Sep 8 18:47:30 CEST 2020

> A.  Yes, you can still anonymously register for almost anything.
> It's not straightforward and requires a bit of forethought and
> jumping through hoops.  No, it probably won't defeat the NSA, but if
> they're your adversary what in blue blazes are you doing using any
> kind of electronic device let alone posting here.

As I have told several people, the moment your threat model is "I am of
interest to a major nation-state intelligence agency" your response
needs to be either "call my lawyer and sit down for a long talk with
them" or else "withdraw all my savings as cash and go on the run
refusing to use any technology more complicated than a frying pan".

There are no realistic in-betweens.

Bin Laden went for option #2, and was able to survive for almost ten
years while being of interest to every world intelligence agency.  It's
good advice, it seriously is.  But I'm not kidding about refusing to use
any technology more complicated than a frying pan.

> B. The Shadowgate documentary isn’t.  This is Coo-Coo for CocoaPuffs
> territory.


> If that's not good enough to circumvent your adversaries, again, you
> should probably just move up into the remote Alaskan wilderness and
> live off wild animals and shrubbery for the rest of your life and
> hope the bad men never find you.

A frying pan might be useful should one elect to go this route!

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