Which keyserver

Stefan Claas sac at 300baud.de
Sat Sep 19 21:03:55 CEST 2020

Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
> Stefan Claas wrote in
>  <20200919201736.000025f5 at 300baud.de>:
>  |Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>  |>> It is true the attacks were what brought it down, but the amount \
>  |>> of effort was not a "sustained
>  |>> attack" by any measure. The invested resources are somewhere around \
>  |>> "couple hours and $0.00".
>  |> 
>  |> I'm not sure that's true.
>  |
>  |[...]
>  |
>  |I think it does not matter.
>  |
>  |Professional businesses and their customers can use the mentioned Mailve\
>  |lope key server,
>  |to protect their keys or use for anonymity purposes Hagrid, in combination \
>  |with sequoia
>  |pgp, while the geeks can use WKD.
>  |
>  |The only thing SKS, so it seems, is currently good for is decentralized \
>  |file sharing or
>  |for chat purposes, when using SKS chat software.
> SKS served me very well for many years, and it is a shame that
> even national/related agencies with quite some funding, or
> universities with that immense pool of students did not stood up
> trying to keep this decade old community driven infrastructure
> alive.  I guess they all were eating burger, and at that level.

Well, there is IMHO a good replacement for SKS available, called
hockeypuck and it is written in modern Golang.

The problem is that those (I don't know what to call these people
publicity) SKS key server operators have no plan.

The hockeypuck author is really fast in responding when it comes
to issues and I guess he would be quite happy to help the SKS operators
with solving issues, or listen to users if they have proposals.

The good thing about the modern programming language Golang is that
*soooooo* many (young) people are using Golang nowadays, that
it should be easy to assist the author of hockeypuck.


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