We shall value email usage

Stefan Vasilev stefan.vasilev at posteo.ru
Thu Apr 1 16:39:16 CEST 2021

Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> Am Mittwoch 31 März 2021 22:28:45 schrieb Stefan Vasilev via Gnupg-users:
>> The more I think about GnuPG with email MUA usage I strongly believe
>> that the Industry has better options than email, especially when it comes
>> to decentralised and confidential communications.
> And what options would that be?

First of all we should consider that GnuPG did not changed the email 
world as users may

had expected over the decades and during to continuing mass-surveillance 
it is debatable

if a few users should use this communication form further. It would be 
good if it would

be accepted by millions when conducting online business but since this 
is not the case,

nor never will be, it can be argued when a few people do encrypted email 

why not switch to other channels, to reduce the flow of meta data?

An option would be to use UIDless GnuPG key pairs with the Bitmessage 
p2p Network

to give GnuPG users additional anonymity. Another method could be IPFS 

FileSystem) usage where users distribute encrypted GnuPG payloads and 
only provide the

IPFS hashes to communication partners, so that they can read those 
hashes, say from

an SMS, a FAX etc. and then download the encrypted payload from places 
they feel

comfortable with. Another option would be direct FAX/GnuPG usage, with a 
different armor,

which is OCR friendly.

>> Hopefully the Industry will take a look at affordable hardware based
>> encrypted Fax comms for the little individual or small business owner.
> https://www.tccsecure.com/Products/voice-fax-data-encryption/CSD3324spf-detail.aspx
> Briefly skimmed the page, it does not say how the maschine-in-the-middle
> (MITM) attack is migitated. Also this hardware solution does not offer the
> means to transport electronic documents, neither would crypto phones.
Correct no electronic documents, but would it be not a bit more 
difficult or less common to

intercept DH usage from hardware based devices compared to software 
based Internet DH

usage? At least this product exists and it can be assumed that it is 
been used.



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