All my Passwords are lost

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Hello Marek,

On Sun, 25 Apr 2021 17:31:53 +0200, Marek Stepanek <mstep at> wrote:
> I am unsure how GnuPG could pick up the wrong key, which does not exist in my key deposit. My guess is, that it is encrypted anyway with my private key

Beware of a possible misunderstanding here: encryption is done with the
*public* key. It is decryption which requires the private key. So you
can easily encrypt something with any of the (possibly many) public
keys from your key ring.

> Thank you Vincent for your detailed answer,

Welcome !

> which is way over my head.

Don't worry, I was tossing some ideas to maybe save you from disclosing
your entire file to someone else (by only exchanging the encrypted
session key rather than the whole file).
But I 100% deffer to anyone knowledgeable about gnupg itself for
whether anything I suggest is actually possible, and how to do it.

> I really should look into the internals of file encryption one day … 

Besides on-line sources like wikipedia or youtube (computerphile
channel has several crypto-related videos), I found the following book
to be especially enlightening (...from a crypto-unrelated developer
perspective anyway):

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