Thunderbird's hints and history for OpenPGP/MIME (new wiki page)

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Fri Dec 3 13:52:19 CET 2021

Am 03.12.21 um 12:04 schrieb Bernhard Reiter:
> Hi Peter,
> Am Donnerstag 02 Dezember 2021 17:35:17 schrieb Dr. Peter Voigt:
>> thanks for that page. I'm not using Thunderbird but I know many people
>> who do. In particular the option to turn off the annoying dots is very
>> useful.
> good to know  that you think it is useful. :)
No doubt it is useful. This three-dot-BS by default looks more like a
bug than a meaningful feature, IMO.

>>  Did you toot the link through Mastodon as well
>> - I just failed to find and re-toot a correspondig content.
> I didn't toot it so far.
> First I wanted to gather some feedback, especially about the following 
> section, where I've added a recommendation what to use instead
> of incompatible header encryption:
> | Transport information in a decentral network - just like the writing on the
> | outside of a postal mail envelope - cannot be protected in principle.
> | When reflecting on this, chose  a subject that is plausible in context,
> | but without sensitive contents, to best veil potential unwanted observers. 
> | (Your thinking is right: The more sensitive this is, the more you have
> | to build up a plausible context for your unavoidable traces first.)
This caters more to spies or people who have to be paranoid for an other
reason. And they will know already.

The average user, I guess, just wants to keep private communication
private. And what the subject reveals should in most cases be
negligible. So to me this paragraph seems a bit out of place.

> (Also I've just improved the phrasing and spelling.)
> Best Regards,
> Bernhard

Thanks for your time and effort!


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