fingerprint associated public key does not match displayed public key

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Fri Dec 17 13:01:57 CET 2021

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On Freitag, 17. Dezember 2021 02:43:25 CET S.B. via Gnupg-users wrote:
> When you want to give someone your public key, do you normally just
> give your email, fingerprint, key ID, or the armor form key block?

The easiest way is to use WKD/WKS (Web Key Directory/Service) if your email 
provider supports this because then some OpenPGP-aware automatically download 
your key when someone enters your email address into their email client. I 
don't think gmail supports WKD.

Otherwise, you can simply send your exported key to the person you want to 
give your public key to. You may want to use the option "--export-options 
export-minimal" when exporting your key to keep the armor form key block 

It may also make sense to upload your key to some keyservers, so that people 
can get your key without first having to contact you.

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