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> I recently was in a loop trying to figure out GnuPG on Windows 10/11. Can
> you natively use GnuPG?

yes, you can use GnuPG natively build on Windows, either with a graphical or a 
command line interface. The official distribution of GnuPG is included in

For some use cases, there is also a crypto-engine only "simple" installer 
availalbe from
see section of binary releases on this page.

> Or is it limited to the few implementations of it 
> through Kleapatra/etc.?pgp.

Kleopatra is one of several applications that use the native
GnuPG installation on Windows. The Outlook add-in, the explorer plugin
also use it.

(Because GnuPG implements open standards like OpenPGP or the Cryptographic 
Message Syntax, it is interoperable with other implementations of those

> I was using Mailvelope, and I could not get the Mailvelope app to recognize
> I was using GnuPG. It kept saying OpenPGP. I am confused.

Mailvelope uses an OpenPGP implementation called OpenPGP.js by default,
because it is fully implemented in Javascript.
There is the possibility to use GnuPG as backend to Mailvelope,
but you need to activate it,

(Both backend "OpenPGP.js" and "GnuPG" implement "OpenPGP". :) )

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