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André Colomb andre at colomb.de
Tue Jan 12 23:43:16 CET 2021

Hi Stefan,

On 12/01/2021 23.16, Stefan Claas wrote:
> Andre, please appoligze that I snipped your reply and that I only
> give a short reply, your explanations of server/client IO was
> welcome.

I'm happy if it helps keeping this discussion constructive and not
turning into a flame war :-)

> I think I do undertsand the American Way Of Life quite a bit,
> meaning that U.S. citizens are more open to privacy related
> things with security software then maybe us old Sauerkrauts,
> so to speak. Therefore I doubt that an IMHO very cool billion
> dollar company like GitHub, according to the reply I got
> from them, would see WKD usage as harm for their service,
> when used by many people. I could be wrong of course (in
> the future)

(Me too Sauerkraut...) But you're missing the point.  GitHub has no
business whatsoever with e-mail.  WKD is all about e-mail and you are
probably among the first to use it for something unrelated to e-mail.
So they don't give a Koffer about some e-mail-related protocol except
for maybe implementing it (hopefully sometime) for their own employees /
@github.com e-mail account users.

> Even if there would be no github.io pages available I hope
> that I showed here something interesting for the GnuPG
> community.

Interesting yes, to the community, yes.  But not to the billion dollar
company whose offer has nothing to do with e-mail.  Not interesting in
the sense of "we will invest time and money and risk breaking other
users' setups by changing something in our infrastructure" because of
some creative WKD use case.

By the way, there might be other free web hosting providers you could
use to serve a couple of bytes via HTTPS.  It's very likely that they do
not have the same issues with wildcard domains and invalid TLS
certificates as github.io.

Kind regards

From: André Colomb <andre at colomb.de>

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