How to report issues and suggest changes to the Web Key Directory specification [was: Re: Please tackle the Right Thing]

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Thu Jan 28 23:27:29 CET 2021

On Wed 2021-01-27 22:49:13 +0100, André Colomb wrote:
> By the way, is there something like a repository to send and discuss
> pull requests against the WKD draft document?  Or is it just
> hand-crafted text edited by the submitter based on suggestions?

I think you can find a git repo that contains org-mode source here:

  git clone

it's in the misc/id/openpgp-webkey-service folder, and might require a
modified version of pandoc2rfc (see the Makefile in that folder, i
haven't tested).

I've reported concerns about the draft on using
the "wkd" tag, though that tag is also used for bug reports, feature
requests, etc for the wkd implementation in GnuPG itself:

I don't know whether there is a preferred way to report concerns or
suggest problems with the spec.  Perhaps Werner can suggest what he

I usually encourage any author of an Internet Draft to include a
reference to their preferred issue tracker/source repo in the draft
itself while it's in process -- the information can be stripped out once
the draft stabilizes, or at the final stage of publication.


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