HID Omnikey 3121 Smart Card Reader and GPG

Brandon Anderson brandon753.ba at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 01:20:08 CEST 2021

> On Thu,  8 Jul 2021 16:48, NIIBE Yutaka said:
>> So, I think that Omnikey CardMan 3121 can work in the use case with
>> OpenPGP card if it's key is RSA 1024.
> Exactly, I used to use Omnikey readers too but I had to gave up due to
> this problem.  On Windows Omnikey's driver uses proprietary escape codes
> to make it work:
>        /* We employ a hack for Omnikey readers which are able to send
>           TPDUs using an escape sequence.  There is no documentation
>           but the Windows driver does it this way.  Tested using a
>           CM6121.  This method works also for the Cherry XX44
>           keyboards; however there are problems with the
>           ccid_transceive_secure which leads to a loss of sync on the
>           CCID level.  If Cherry wants to make their keyboard work
>           again, they should hand over some docs. */
> The 6121 is a PCMCIA style reader which I could make work for my old
> laptop.  As usual with reader vendors they use their ASICs for all types
> of readers and thus he sees the problem also with the 3121.  I have an
> 5121 here but I can use it only for RFID.
> He may be able to use the 3121 with ECC keys.

Wow, that is interesting to know; I guess I will return the Omnikey 3221 
and pick up an Identiv SCR3310 instead. I really liked the vertical slot 
design on the Omnikey for the card as all the cheaper no-name readers 
that were vertical would give me USB problems if plugged in permanently, 
so I was hoping the Omnikey would be a better reader. Anyway, thank you 
both for letting me know what was going on.

- Brandon Anderson

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