HID Omnikey 3121 Smart Card Reader and GPG

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Fri Jul 9 08:11:54 CEST 2021

On Thu,  8 Jul 2021 16:48, NIIBE Yutaka said:

> So, I think that Omnikey CardMan 3121 can work in the use case with
> OpenPGP card if it's key is RSA 1024.

Exactly, I used to use Omnikey readers too but I had to gave up due to
this problem.  On Windows Omnikey's driver uses proprietary escape codes
to make it work:

      /* We employ a hack for Omnikey readers which are able to send
         TPDUs using an escape sequence.  There is no documentation
         but the Windows driver does it this way.  Tested using a
         CM6121.  This method works also for the Cherry XX44
         keyboards; however there are problems with the
         ccid_transceive_secure which leads to a loss of sync on the
         CCID level.  If Cherry wants to make their keyboard work
         again, they should hand over some docs. */

The 6121 is a PCMCIA style reader which I could make work for my old
laptop.  As usual with reader vendors they use their ASICs for all types
of readers and thus he sees the problem also with the 3121.  I have an
5121 here but I can use it only for RFID.

He may be able to use the 3121 with ECC keys.



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