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Am Sonntag 04 Juli 2021 18:36:43 schrieb Виктор Джелепов via Gnupg-users:
>  Hello,  I'm using Gpg4win on Windows 10 Home (64-bit).  Gpg4Win version:
> 3.1.16
>   When I try to run Kleopatra from the desktop (not as an administrator),
> it doesn't run. 

try to find out why it does not run.

If you have been using Kleopatra as an administrator before (which is not 
recommended), you may have a permission problem somewhere.
So one way could be to move away (backup) your GnuPG data and then see
if Kleopatra runs again.

> When I run it as an administrator, I get a dialog with the 
> following warning message: "Kleopatra cannot be run as administrator
> without breaking file permissions in the GnuPG data folder. To manage keys
> for other users please manage them as a normal user and copy the
> 'AppData\Roaming\gnupg' directory with proper permissions. Are you sure you
> want to continue?"

You can just continue there, if you know what you are doing and can live
with the permission and security consequences (as outlined in

>   As I understand, this is a known issue. Looked for working solutions, but
> so far found some workarounds: 
>   1. Install an older version of Gpg4win (e.g. 3.1.14)
>   2. Run Kleopatra through the cmd
>   3. Run as a normal user (Found more info in an article on the GnuPG Wiki:
>   Are there other recommended solutions or workarounds for this type of
> issue? Thanks!

Best Regards,
ps.: Let us move this discussion to
which is more focussed on Gpg4win topics. :)

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