Anyone know of a gpg-encrypted secrets sharing software that allows a client to hold different "bases/repositories" of secrets?

Christian Chavez x10an14 at
Fri Jun 11 19:44:22 CEST 2021


Say I want to use the tools pass, or git secret to semi-automatically
encrypt secrets I share with others in my team.
In addition I have a separate git repository where I've co-located both
passwords and totp tokens (though separated with different yubikeys so as
not to completely invalidate the totp keys).

Does anyone know of a tool/software that works much like pass/git secret,
but also easily/simply allows you to access two different
bases/repositories (like my personal passwords/totp and team one above)
with the same tool/cli?
Had it not been for pass demanding ultimate trust, I might've been happy
with that although I would've preferred to avoid the function/alias
work-around of `PASS_SECRETS_FOLDER=work|personal pass`.

Med vennlig hilsen/Kind regards,
Christian Chavez
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