New packet format for OpenPGP

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Mar 3 09:26:57 CET 2021

On Mon,  1 Mar 2021 06:36, jsmith9810--- said:

> I'm still curious as to why though, since RFC4880 strongly recommends
> use of the new format
> packets. If not the default behavior, at least the --rfc4880 option

It SHOULD do this but I see no reason for this.  For the sake of
interoperability we better keep with the old format.  There is no
technical or security drawback with this and implementations need some
support anyway to compute fingerprints.  The code required to handle
both is trivial.

> currently supports reading recepient keys from an external file using
> -F option for one-off
> use.

Support an option name and open a feature request at

> old GnuPG software that allowed for a cleaner, portable and standalone
> installation, with

Reminds be somehow of the sendmail vs. postfix discussions 25 years ago ;-)

> out how to keep it alongside gpg2 which is disguised as gpg now.

You should not name it gpg2 - this has only been done to allow
co-existing back then when gpg2 used to be part of most Debian's base



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