New to GnuPG, having some difficulty

Mundi jarramundi at
Sun Mar 7 01:17:28 CET 2021

Hello gnupg-users!

I have recently been required to use GnuPG to encrypt messages, and have been endeavouring to create a master key however I think I have fumbled.
I created and deleted some keys while I was trying to work it out and now I cannot make heads or tails of my keyring.
Quite simply there are keys and subkeys and secret keys and they all seem to have the same ID. I haven't shared anything as yet, so I would like to start again and hopefully achieve some clarity in the process on my second attempt.

> Is there a safe way to delete everything and start over?

Also, I need to create and export a public key *and* an encryption subkey. I've been reading everything I can find online, but honestly I'm finding it to be quite difficult to discipher.

> If there are any clear cut human readable guides for GnuPG I would appreciate knowing where they are.

I am using Arch Linux, with fish shell and micro text editor.

Thanks in advance, and I apologise if I'm asking basic questions, it's not often I feel like a novice but this encryption business has me doing so.

Kind Regards.

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