Prompting on concurrent invocations of gpg

John Lane gnupg at
Tue Mar 16 21:10:45 CET 2021

> Probably the easiest way to avoid this is to seed the cache of gpg-agent with 
> the needed passphrases before starting the concurrent invocations. See
> man gpg-preset-passphrase
> for details.

I just tried that to see if it would help. It doesn't make any
difference because the passphrase is already in the cache (ok, if the
password isn't in the cache then it does stop that first request). In
the example I gave it's the same payload being decrypted each time so
there is only one passphrase.

The subsequent unwanted prompts happen even when the passprase is
already cached. It's like some concurrent calls don't hit the cache.

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