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Fri Mar 19 23:30:51 CET 2021

It also has issues with signed messages and lists. For example you
signed this message but it says "uncertain digital signature".  I don't
remember this being an issue in the older TB/Enigmail.

On 3/19/2021 10:42 AM, Werner Koch via Gnupg-users wrote:
> On Fri, 19 Mar 2021 03:33, Robert J. Hansen said:
>> Last I checked, Thunderbird 78 did not support ed25519+cv25519
>> keys. That's not a niche implementation.
> I did extensive test with Ribose to make sure that RNP (the crypto
> engine now used by TB) is compatible with GnuPG.  Thus I wonder why TB
> gets things wrong again.
> There are also so many regressions in TB new OpenPGP support compared to
> the long standing TB+Enigmail OpenPGP support that I wonder come it is
> at all possible to send encrypted OpenPGP mails with TB.
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>     Werner
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