So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Mar 23 06:59:44 CET 2021

There's a song I really enjoy[*] with a line that always hits me as 
being both beautiful and wise:

	"You talk far too much for someone so unkind."

I first heard of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation in 
1995.  For twenty-six years I've supported the FSF and FSFE in a variety 
of different ways.  For these twenty-six years, Richard Stallman has 
been at the forefront of the FSF.  In all that time I have trouble 
remembering when I have ever seen him be kind.

My direct experiences with him have all been frustrating.  I know many 
hackers whose direct experiences have been harrowing.  I do not know a 
single hacker whose direct experiences have been marked by kindness.

Last year when the FSF removed him from the Board of Directors, I 
welcomed the news.  I hoped the FSF would appoint better leaders.  They 
did not: instead, they've reappointed him to the board.

None of us have to tolerate toxic leadership.  We can always leave.  For 
that reason, I'm stepping down as the FAQ maintainer.  It was never a 
particularly big job, but I tried to do it responsibly.  I will also be 
ending my financial support of the FSF, FSFE, and affiliated groups for 
so long as Richard Stallman has influence in these organizations.

I'm not leaving the mailing list.  I'm not leaving the community. 
You'll continue to see me around.  And, should Richard Stallman resign 
or be removed from positions of influence in the FSF and FSFE, I will be 
happy to pick up the FAQ maintainer role again.

Thank you, Werner, for the chance to contribute to GnuPG (in my 
admittedly small way).  It's been a true pleasure doing this.

Be kind.  Expect kindness.  Especially demand kindness from your leaders.

[*] "Leave a Trace" by Churches.

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